We have worked with our partners, contributing to Refugee Action and NACCOM's report on Section 4 asylum support delays.

Key findings from the report:

  • On average, people waited 14 days for a decision on their asylum support application. This is seven times longer than the 2-day maximum that decisions should take for the most vulnerable applicants, and three times longer than the 5-day maximum that all decisions should take according to the Home Office’s own guidance.

  • One person had been waiting 124 days to receive a  decision on their section 4 application, with their  application still pending when our data collection  ended in June 2019.

  • Of the 200 cases, almost half of applicants (44 percent) had waited more than 14 days for a decision on their case.

  • People who had received requests for further information on their applications waited on average a total of 25 days for a response to their application.

  • 91 percent of appeals against refusals were successful. People who received a grant of support at appeal had waited on average 35 days for this decision.

Download and read the report.

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